Registrar of Scholarship Secretariat must be interdicted and investigated- Rockson Dafeamekpor

South Dayi Member of Parliament (MP), Rockson-Nelson Dafeamekpor, has called for the interdiction and investigation of Scholarship Secretariat registrar, Dr Kingsley Agyemang.

This follows an investigative piece by the Fourth Estate, which uncovered instances where scholarships designated for needy but brilliant students were awarded to individuals with political links and affiliations.

However, responding to claims that he had awarded scholarships to individuals from affluent homes, Mr. Agyemang said there is currently no criteria for determining who a poor person is.

The registrar also called for the enactment of a law on the matter.

But Mr. Dafeamekpor argues that these comments are unacceptable.

According to the NDC MP, the Auditor General must conduct a special audit into the operations of the Scholarship Secretariat.

Speaking on JoyNews’ Newsfile on April 13, the South Dayi MP emphasised that public office holders must be held accountable for any misconduct.

“Dr Agyemang cannot say that there is no law governing his conduct in public office. You are a public officer, you are enjoined by the L.I 2378 2019 underpinning the public financial management – while as a leader of the covered entity in disbursing public funds, you ought to apply certain transparency and guidelines.

“He would call into programmes and say that now we need a law. Law? The law already exists.

“Parliament approves funds for you. When those funds are approved, you are enjoined under the Public Management Financial Act to apply the funds in a certain manner and account for them. You do not apply it capriciously to your whips and caprices. 

“I support the call that he should be interdicted immediately for a special audit to be conducted into his activities, and then we can take it up from there,” he said.

Source: Isaac Kafui Nyanyovor  

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