EOCO concludes investigation into Prof Adei’s allegation of corruption in the award of road contracts

The Ministry of Roads and Highways says the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) has concluded its investigations into alleged bribery and corruption at the ministry.

This comes after the Ministry petitioned EOCO to investigate claims by former Rector of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), Prof. Stephen Adei that bribes determine who gets to be awarded road contracts.

In a press release dated April 12, 2024, the Roads and Highways Ministry said the investigations exonerated it; adding that the allegations were a generalisation of perceived corruption in the country.

“EOCO has determined that ‘from the totality of the available information to the office, Prof. Stephen Adei’s comments were found to be unfortunate and general within the context of perceived corruption in the country’. 

“EOCO, therefore, concludes that the matter is disposed of as unsubstantiated and highly presumptuous,” the statement read.

In October 2023, Prof Adei in an interview bemoaned the issue of corruption in the award of road contracts. 

According to him, he has information to the effect that persons seeking road contracts are told: “Road contracts will be given to you, provided you pay 1 million upfront….”

However, the ministry at the time, described the allegations as surprising insisting that the processes involved in awarding road contracts are characterised by transparency, competitiveness, and adherence to legal procedures.

They also called on EOCO to investigate the allegation.

Additionally, a group of road contractors in Ghana denied Prof Adei’s claims noting that none of them had ever encountered such a demand for an upfront payment of GH¢1 million.

While supporting the call for EOCO’s investigation, the road contractors stated that the awarding of contracts is a well-documented and transparent process. 

This, they explained, would make it challenging for corrupt practices to occur in the allocation of these contracts.

Meanwhile, the Roads and Highways Ministry said they are pleased with the outcome of the investigation.

The Ministry assured the public of its commitment to transparency and due process in the award of contracts.

Read the full statement below:

Source: MyJoyOnline.com

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