GES interdicts Benkum SHS headteacher over alleged sexual abuse of 15 female students

The Ghana Education Service (GES) interdicted the headteacher of Benkum Senior High School, Emmanuel Nyarko until an investigation into allegations of sexual abuse of 15 female students levelled against him is concluded.

It is reported that his cover was blown after he caused the transfer of some teachers of the school who were equally accused of a similar offence.

The said teachers who were not happy about their transfer decided that they would not fall alone, so they exposed Mr Nyarko. quotes Deputy Spokesperson for the Ministry of Education, Mr Yaw Opoku Mensah as saying that such conduct cannot be countenanced.

“We are keeping a close eye on the development, this is actually within the domain of the management of the Ghana Education Service.”

Opoku Mensah, in another interview on Citi FM, disclosed that the alleged sexual misconduct by Mr Nyarko happened last year and has since been under investigation.

“The investigation has started and the regional education outfit is in charge and the school has paved the way for investigations to start for the headmaster to give out the space or step aside for the committee to have the atmosphere to carry on with the investigations as per the code of conduct of GES.

He added that a committee at the headquarters of the GES will handle the whole investigation and submit the outcome and recommendations to the Service for further action.


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