Speeding train smashes taxi at Alajo as driver dangerously crosses railway (video)

A taxi driver who dangerously crossed the railway at Alajo in Acca had his car smashed by a speeding train on Thursday, May 25, 2023.

Fortunately, the driver escaped unhurt but was left traumatized as his life flashed in his eyes.

According to Graphic Online, the train was Accra-bound from Tema when it ran into the vehicle which got stuck on its path.

“The train sustained minor damage and no passengers suffered injury. After a brief stop to assess the impact, the conductor continued the journey to Accra,” the state-owned news outlet wrote on Twitter to caption a video of the aftermath of the near-fatal incident.

An eyewitness who was on the train is reported as saying that the taxi driver attempted to quickly cross the path of the train at the Alajo side as the speeding train approached but his vehicle got stuck on the track.

A short video from the scene of the incident shows many bystanders gathering around and talking about the development among themselves. Some of the people are heard in the video rebuking the taxi driver for being foolhardy and nearly killing himself, while he tried to explain his side of the issue.

The taxi was left mangled with some parts dislodged, which would require some extraordinary repair work to restore it to a semblance of roadworthiness. Some bystanders could be heard saying that the car was damaged beyond repair.

Train accidents are quite rare but can be fatal sometimes when they occur. On Monday, October 23, 2017, scores of people were injured after an Accra-bound train from Nsawam was involved in an accident at Tesano.

The victims were sent to the hospital by some police recruits who were at the scene for treatment.


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