Directive to EC directors to submit their CVs is odd and troubling – Kpebu

Private legal practitioner Martin Kpebu has described President Nana Akufo Addo as weak on protecting the public purse, weak on governance, and on everything about governance and that is the way he selected his ministers and other appointees.

“It is not all who think like him but a larger majority think like him. Naturally, he will select people he can gel with and manipulate. He looks for ‘Yes-Men’ so that whatever he says is final hence it is not surprising that they don’t speak up” he clarified in an interview with Johnnie Hughes on 3FM Sunrise Morning Show on 31 May, 2023.

Kpebu was contributing to the discussion on the alleged directive from the President for all the workers of the Electoral Commission (EC) at the rank of director and above to submit their CVs and subsequent letter from Professor Ransford Gyampo to the president asking him to allow the EC enjoy its independence.

Mr. Martin Kpebu on his part has described the president’s directive as odd and unfortunate because he should have known that the EC is a unique entity serving as the heartbeat of Ghana’s democracy and all Ghanaians want the commission to be independent.

“I have been wondering, it looks very odd. I don’t even know why on earth the president would want to do such a thing. It is very troubling”.

He added that the confidence and credibility of the EC of Ghana would be restored should President Akufo Addo call on the newly added members of the EC he appointed in the persons of Salima Ahmed Tijani and Dr. Peter Appiahene to resign given the objections raised against them as sympathizers of the NPP.

“The president can call on them to resign and if that happens, the confidence and the credibility would be returned to the EC” Kpebu stated

Source: MG Digital

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