Security at Kotoka International Airport is aware that some Ghanaian artistes travel with cocaine – Shatta Wale

Following Shatta Wale‘s strong warning against Ghanaians tagging the FBI to investigate his wealth, the Dancehall artiste has urged authorities to investigate drug smuggling activities involving Ghanaian artists and the Kotoka International Airport.

These claims were prompted by discussions on social media surrounding the arrest of his friend, Hajia4real (Mona Faiz Montrage), in the United States.

In a Facebook Live, the ‘Shatta Movement’ singer vehemently denied any involvement in fraudulent activities and expressed his frustration at being linked to such accusations.

He questioned why he would engage in such illegal activities and mentioned that influential individuals in Ghana were eagerly waiting for his arrest based on his reputation.

“ As they have arrested Hajia 4Reall, some stup*d people in this country have been inciting the FBI to arrest Shatta Wale. Your mother, your father, your mother again, your father again,” he said

Furthermore, Shatta Wale alleged that several Ghanaian artists were involved in drug smuggling and claimed that the Kotoka International Airport was aware of this and monitoring the situation.

He stated that he had been informed in the past that some Ghanaian artists were smuggling narcotics out of the country and the airport authorities were aware of these illicit activities.

“Once upon a time, I was told there are Ghanaian artists who smuggle cocaine outside the country and the airport monitors them. The airport knows, go and ask them how many artists travel with cocaine that they’re aware of,” he revealed.

These unverified claims made by Shatta Wale have caused a stir on social media, leading to further discussions and speculations.

As of the time of publication, authorities at the airport are yet to release a statement silent on the accusations and fans are expecting to see how these claims will be addressed and whether any action will be taken by the authorities to investigate the alleged drug smuggling activities involving Ghanaian artists.

Source:  Nathan Tollo

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