W/R: After taking GH¢100 bribe, cop forgets gun in trotro

A police officer has left his gun in the front seat of a trotro vehicle after allegedly taking GH¢100 bribe from the driver.

According to the driver, who prefers to remain anonymous, about five police officers stopped his vehicle and claimed he was under arrest for loading at an unauthorized area.

“I loaded passengers from Coast to Takoradi. When I got to Takoradi around 8:30pm on Friday, a police vehicle with about five officers stopped me. They alighted all my passengers and told me I was under arrest and that I will be taken to the office to be processed before court which I agreed,” he narrated on Connect FM‘s Omanbapa morning show team.

He adds that the police officers stopped along the way and demanded he pays an amount of GH¢150G before he would be set free.

“On our way to the Police station, they stopped and told me that if they should take me to the Police station, I will pay GH¢500 and my vehicle will be locked until Monday. They then told me to pay GH¢150 and I pleaded with them to have mercy upon me. They told me I was not serious and that the only way they would allow me to go is GH¢100 for a last price. So I paid the GH¢100 and they left me to go and continue my work,” he noted.

According to the driver, he later realised one of the police officers who entered his vehicle had left his gun in the front seat.

“I could not work again because they had taken all my money for the day. I went home and realized the police officer had left his gun in the vehicle. I have not been able to work for sometime because of the gun lying in my vehicle,” he added.

Western Region Police Commander Superintendent Isaac Kwesi Sokpa has been informed about the development.

The driver has handed over the gun to the Western Region Police Command for the necessary investigations to be conducted.

Source: By Eric Nana Gyetuah

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