VRA officials education and certificates questionable – Gyampo fires

Professor Ransford Gyampo has strongly criticized the Volta River Authority (VRA) in relation to the flooding caused by the Akosombo Dam spillage. He has raised concerns about the VRA’s handling of the spillage plan and has questioned the education and certificates of some VRA officials.

In a conversation on TV3’s Key Points on Saturday, October 21, Professor Gyampo expressed his worries, saying,

“A couple of weeks ago, I met a group of students, and I was advising them to take their education very seriously and to ensure that whatever we are teaching them they imbibe and then apply, that they shouldn’t be cutting corners trying to get their degrees.”

He emphasized that cutting corners in education could lead to questionable degrees. He further pointed out the potential consequences of individuals with questionable qualifications being placed in positions of trust, where they could disappoint and even endanger lives.

Drawing a parallel, he mentioned the importance of meeting strict requirements to become a pilot and how individuals with questionable qualifications could jeopardize lives. He believes that the VRA’s handling of the recent situation reflects this issue of questionable education and certificates.

In addition to concerns about the qualifications of VRA officials, Professor Gyampo raised questions about the poor implementation of the project, particularly regarding the settlement of people in areas that should have been off-limits.

He questioned who was responsible for ensuring that people did not settle in these vulnerable areas and called for a more effective and proactive approach to managing such projects.

Meanwhile, the Minority in Parliament has demanded a thorough investigation into the flood accusing the VRA of causing the ‘man-made’ disaster.


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