Restoration of power from the Sogakope (BSP) may delay for months – ECG

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has stated that there may be significant delays in restoring power from the Sogakope Bulk Supply Point (BSP) due to the extensive flooding in the area caused by the Akosombo Dam spillage.

ECG had to close down the Bulk Supply Point to ensure its safety, resulting in power disruptions in the Sogakope, Anloga, Keta, Akatsi South, Abor, and North Tongu districts. As a temporary solution, electricity has been rerouted to Adidome and its surroundings from Juapong, while the remaining towns receive power from the Aflao Bulk Supply Point (BSP).

The Sogakope BSP is expected to remain offline for several months, as the company anticipates it will not be operational for some time. Fortunately, the electricity supply from the Aflao BSP has somewhat alleviated the situation.

On the other hand, the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) is grappling with power shortages to maintain water supply to the flood-affected areas. The GWCL has resorted to rationing water to these areas based on the availability of power supply. In the meantime, GWCL is installing additional distribution lines to serve flood victims from Aflao.

Currently, the headworks at Agordome are supplying 5,500 cubic meters out of the total capacity of 7,570 cubic meters, resulting in a shortfall of 2,070 cubic meters, equivalent to 455,620 gallons.

The GWCL has implemented a water management program for various communities, including Avorvi, Old Agorkpo, Agorkpo New Town, Hospital, Toklokpo, Sokpoe, Tefle, Wume, Agodo, Vodaphone, Comboni, Fievie, and Medical City, with weekly rotations. It’s important to note that water supplies depend on the availability of electricity.


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