Use their greed against them for the system to work – Barker-Vormawor on vote-buying by some politicians

Lawyer and Activist, Oliver Barker-Vormawor says the State must leverage the weaknesses of politicians to keep them in check.

According to him, many politicians would prefer to buy votes instead of coming into power by dent of hard work and competence therefore, to change this status quo, the constitution must be reviewed to include disqualification of individuals who engage in vote buying.

He made these comments on the back of the just-ended NPP Presidential Primaries which saw documented incidents of monetary inducements to delegates.

“If we had a system for instance in terms of law-making and we said that any candidate or whose candidate on behalf of the candidate, money was offered to another person will automatically be disqualified,” he said on Newsfile on JoyNews on Saturday.

The Reform Advocate continued that this would create a system of checks and balances between aspiring candidates since they [candidates] would be forced to monitor each other to notice if they have floated the rules.

“I think that the candidates themselves will automatically check each other. They would want to get the other person disqualified. They would plant their own people to see whether or not they are giving money to the other side. You have to be able to use people’s greed against themselves for the system to work,” he told host, Samson Lardy Anyenini on Saturday.

Source: Connielove Mawutornyo Dzodzegbe  

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