‘The office romance I once had with my boss made me who I am today’ – Mzbel

Ghanaian singer Mzbel has revealed that dating a married man who was also her boss played a significant role in her music career.

The veteran Ghanaian singer said it was the ‘boss in question’ who discovered, nurtured, and encouraged her into pursuing music, and becoming the ‘Mzbel’ that everyone currently knows.

Mzbel said she wouldn’t have attained this level of success if she had turned down her boss’ proposal simply because he was married.

The ‘legelege’ hitmaker made this statement during a discussion on Angel TV, where a topic about office romance was tabled for discussion.

Asked if she had witnessed or heard stories about office romance, she said,

“I have heard plenty of stories on office romance. I am even an example. When I started my career at the Hush Hush studios, had it not been for office romance, I don’t know where I would be today.

“The owner of the job and I were in an amorous relationship. It was through our relationship that he found out that I had an interest in dance and entertainment. He encouraged me to do music and I heeded to his advice and guidance. See where I am today. If I rejected his proposal with the excuse that he is a married man, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

She claimed that their relationship wasn’t just about sex adding that she genuinely loved him.


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