Probe begins as hunter shoots colleague dead at Kintampo

Police in Kintampo North are investigating a case involving a hunter who tragically shot and killed his fellow hunter on Thursday evening.

The suspect identified as Mborakii reportedly mistook the victim, Kofi Clement, as a monkey during a hunting expedition on August 24, 2023.

According to reports, both hunters ventured out later in the day for a hunting session.

Unfortunately, Kofi had climbed a tree to await the passage of any potential animals.

In an unfortunate event, Mborakii who was also in the midst of his own hunting expedition misidentified Kofi as a monkey and inadvertently shot him in the face.

Assembly member for Ntankoro electoral area, Nyarko Amos, shared this account, stating, “He (the deceased) climbed a tree waiting to shoot any animal that will pass by, and unfortunately, another hunter who was also on his hunting expedition took him to be a monkey and shot him in the face.” Tragically, Kofi lost his life instantly as a result of the gunshot wound.

The police early today retrieved the body and transported it to the morgue at Kintampo Hospital for further examination.

The suspect has also been arrested for further investigation.

The incident occurred less than a month following the declaration of the 2023 hunting close season by the Forestry Commission.

The close season, which spans from August 1 to December 1, 2023, in accordance with the Wildlife Conservation Regulation 1971, LI 685, aims to regulate hunting activities within forest reserves.

Throughout this designated period, activities such as hunting, capturing, damaging, and trading of wildlife creatures within forest reserves are strictly prohibited.

The sole exception during this timeframe is the grasscutter, for which hunters require explicit permission and a license granted by the Forestry Commission.

Grasscutters are an exception due to their abundant population and non-endangered status in comparison to other forest wildlife.

Mr. Benito Owusu Bio, Deputy Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, inaugurated the close season, emphasizing its significance as the optimal phase for wildlife breeding and reproduction.

This initiative is one among several implemented by the government to guarantee the sustainable management and utilization of wildlife resources.

Source: Mahmud Mohammed-Nurudeen

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