The most hated airlines from every African country, according to a survey

Air travel can be a nightmare, especially when you’re stuck with an airline that leaves you feeling frustrated and helpless. According to recent reports, the collective dissatisfaction of unhappy passengers may be causing some unusual sounds in the skies. And with an increasing number of complaints about lost luggage and inconvenient service, the airline industry needs to find a way to convince us to fly.

To help you avoid some of the worst airlines in Africa, we’ve put together a list of the most hated airlines from every country, according to a survey. Using an AI sentiment tool, S Money analysed thousands of tweets to determine which airlines left customers feeling the most negative.

Libya – Afriqiyah Airways

According to our analysis, Afriqiyah Airways is the most hated airline in Libya. Passengers have taken to Twitter to express their frustration with delayed flights, poor customer service, and unclear communication.

Algeria – Air Algerie

Air Algerie has earned the dubious honour of being the most hated airline in Algeria. Passengers have reported long delays, poor service, and lost luggage.

Egypt – Egypt Air

Despite being the national flag carrier of Egypt, Egypt Air has not escaped criticism from its passengers. Negative tweets often mention poor service and long delays.

Ghana – Passion Air

Passion Air has been the subject of numerous negative tweets, with passengers citing delayed flights and poor customer service as the primary reasons for their dissatisfaction.

Nigeria – Arik Air

Arik Air is the most hated airline in Nigeria, with passengers frequently venting their frustration on Twitter. Common complaints include long delays, poor communication, and lost luggage.

South Africa – Fly Safair

Fly Safair may have a catchy name, but it seems that many passengers are not impressed with the airline’s service. Negative tweets often mention delayed flights and poor communication.

Zimbabwe – Air Zimbabwe

Air Zimbabwe has been the target of numerous negative tweets, with passengers complaining about long delays, lost luggage, and poor service.

Kenya – Fly540

Passengers flying with Fly540 in Kenya have reported long delays, cancelled flights, and poor customer service. It’s no wonder the airline has earned a reputation as one of the most hated in the country.

Uganda – Uganda Airlines

Uganda Airlines has received criticism from Ugandan passengers for its poor customer service and flight delays. Customers have also complained about the airline’s hidden fees and unprofessional behavior’s.

Tanzania – Precision Air

Precision Air has been the subject of numerous negative tweets from Tanzanian passengers. Customers have complained about flight cancellations, delays, and poor customer service. Some have also reported incidents of lost luggage and damaged goods.

If you’re planning a trip to Africa, it’s important to do your research and choose an airline with a good reputation for customer service and reliability. By avoiding the airlines on this list, you can increase your chances of having a pleasant and stress-free flight.


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