I did the Beyonce collaboration because I love the fans but the Ghanaian coordinator almost stressed me to give up – Shatta Wale

Ghanaian Reggae/dancehall artist, Shatta Wale, has recently opened up about the challenges he faced during his collaboration with American music star, Beyoncé.

Speaking on a Twitter space called “Konnekt with Shatta Wale,” he revealed that the Ghanaian representative responsible for coordinating the collaboration made the process cumbersome.

Shatta Wale initially had second thoughts about continuing the collaboration due to the issues caused by the coordinator.

He described the coordinator as rushing and using intemperate language, which made him uncomfortable.

“He was rushing, ‘chale what what, chale this and that’, and I told him to shut up, don’t tell me that, don’t shout like that. He was like, ‘she said she’ll come next week, we have to shoot the video now, and you see all those things, it does not move me”, Shatta said.

However, despite these challenges, his love for his fans motivated him to proceed with the collaboration.

He shared, “I did it because I love the fans, that is why I stressed myself.”

Shatta Wale acknowledged that Beyoncé and her team wanted him to bring along a large crew, similar to how he usually travels with 16 to 12 people.

However, the pressure from the Ghanaian side made it difficult for him to fulfil that requirement, causing further complications.

“Beyoncé and her team actually wanted me to fly with my crew like the way I travel with 16, 12 people but our Ghanaians with their pressure forced me, now I want to feature Beyoncé and I am getting problems. Now the same Ghanaian can’t even get that feature,” he said.

Source: Nathan Tollo

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