Gonjaland Youth Association secures mechanized water systems for 20 communities

The Gonjaland Youth Association through its National President, Lawyer Mohammed Amin Osman, has secured funding support from Caravan of Mercy, a UK-based charity organization, to provide 20 mechanized water systems for some 20 communities in Gonjaland.

The gesture forms part of efforts by leadership of the Association at curbing the perennial water challenge in some rural communities across Gonjaland.

Speaking to 3news.com, lawyer Mohammed Amin Osman revealed that the funding is from individual donors to support provide portable water for communities in northern Ghana.

“Over the years, these are individuals who have contributed greatly to our development as a people and we owe them much gratitude because water is a necessity which our rural communities lack.

“The era of community members drinking from same water source with animals which in itself is detrimental to our health will be reduced.”

He indicated that all the necessary survey and sitings have been completed.

“I am in town with the chairman of Caravan of Mercy and some of the donors and work has started in some areas Salaga in the East Gonja Municipality which is our first community,” he added.

The Chairman for Caravan and the team has pledged to continue to work with Gonjaland Youth Association in order to provide support for the people of Gonjaland in the Savannah Region and northern Ghana as a whole.

“The Gonjaland Youth Association will continue to work closely with Caravan of Mercy and ensure that the water systems will be put to good use in order to benefit the people.”

Caravan of Mercy has supported several projects and programmes in Gonjaland over the past years.

In 2022, the charity organization supported the construction of some mechanized boreholes in Central Gonja and Upper West Region of Ghana.

The organization has also supported over 1,000 vulnerable and less-privileged individuals over the past years during Ramadan and Eid-Adha.

Source: MG Digital

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