Zoomlion blames public attitude, weak enforcement for Accra’s waste woes

Zoomlion, a leading waste management company in Ghana, has highlighted attitudinal issues as a significant barrier to effective waste management in the nation’s capital.

Sophia Kudjordji, Corporate Affairs and Communications Officer at Zoomlion Ghana Ltd in an interview with Bernard Avle on the Citi Breakfast Show, raised concerns over the persistent waste problems despite considerable investments in the sector.

According to her, the company recently increased its workforce, adding more personnel to conduct clean-up operations to help keep the city clean.

However, the efforts seem to be undermined by the public’s attitude towards waste disposal and the lack of stringent enforcement by law enforcement agencies.

“With the level of investment that is going into waste management in the country, it is quite sad that anybody should find the level of waste we find around. Now we have even added more people who clean up in the afternoon but attitude, behaviours and enforcement from the part of law enforcement agencies, have made our work very difficult at times,” she said.

Accra, the country’s capital, has been grappling with chronic flooding issues over the years, exacerbated by clogged gutters filled with waste.

Zoomlion, however, maintains that 70% of waste in Accra is collected, leaving 30% uncollected.

The company added that large waste management companies, including Zoomlion, are responsible for collecting 80% of the waste, while local tricycle operators, known as “Aboboyaa”, collect the remaining 20%.

Source: William Narh

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