‘You’re not doing artists signed to your label a favour; you make profit too’ – Mr. Drew

Ghanaian artist Mr. Drew has rejected the notion that the work of artiste managers and record label owners should be seen as “rendering favors” rather than the execution of duties.

He believes that the relationship between artists and their management is based on a partnership, where both parties benefit when profits start rolling in.

During an exclusive conversation with GhanaWeb, the ‘This Year’ hitmaker expressed his views on the matter. He stressed that being signed to a label is about work and not about the label providing a platform or opportunity out of goodwill.

“If somebody is on a label to work, it’s work. Don’t see it as the label is giving you the platform or the opportunity. You are there to work and when the money starts coming in, the label is going to take their cut. So, it’s not some sort of grace or favour they are rendering to you.”

Recently, Mr. Drew garnered attention on social media due to his departure from the Highly Spiritual record label after a five-year tenure. The label’s founder, Kaywa, has been subtly taking jabs at Mr. Drew on social media following the latter’s decision not to renew his contract, which expired in late 2022.

This situation has sparked discussions about artists leaving their record labels once they have established themselves and found success in the industry.

Mr. Drew rose to prominence as the first runner-up on MTN Hitmaker Season 6 in 2017, after which he signed with Highly Spiritual Music, founded by music producer and engineer Kaywa.



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