Young man marries 10 women on the same day; netizens react (video)

The marriage of a young African-American man to ten different women on the same day has caused a stir online, with many netizens wondering how he would manage to cope.

The said marriage which reportedly took place not long ago was captured in a video that has surfaced on social media.

After the wedding ceremony, the man is seen kneeling in front of his 10 wives while one of them sits on his knees for a photo shoot in 13-second footage.

The man’s extreme and unusual polygamy, which is uncommon even in countries where men are allowed to marry many women social media users talking.

In related news, a polygamous man who wedded three women on the same day in the same ceremony has said that there are many women waiting desperately to be married, so men must take advantage of the overabundance to grab more.

Athuman Yengayenga, a Muslim man from Shanwe, Mpanda Municipality in Katavi province of Tanzania disclosed in an interview on Millard Ayo’s YouTube channel although he has three wives now, his target is to hit at least ten.

“These three are not enough. There are many women out there waiting to be married. They are not to be sought after as it is a matter of talking to them and presenting your idea. I urge men not to sleep on this opportunity but to attack when ready,” he said in the interview.

Yengayenga added that although he is prepared to have more wives, he would have to secure the consent of the three he has already to go ahead because peace and harmony at home are of paramount interest to him.

“If they say yes, then I will proceed. If they say I wait, I will also listen to them because they need to live together in harmony. They need to love one another, stay in unity and be happy.”

Currently, he runs shifts among Fatuma Rafaeli, Asha Pius and Mariam John, and spends two days with each of them in a week.

According to him, he ensures that he gives all three wives adequate attention to avoid tension among them.



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