Widow seduces husband’s killer, makes him fall in love, hands him over to police

A widow who was determined to avenge the brutal killing of her husband turned herself into a detective and did what the police could not do for years – she seduced the murderer and made him fall in love before handing him over to the police.

Reports say the Colombian woman spent years planning her revenge, seducing the suspect and gathering evidence against him without him knowing and when the time was ripe, she furnished police with information about him, leading to his arrest.

According to odditycentra.com, the suspect, Rubén Darío Viloria Barrios posed as a respectable merchant in the town of Ciénaga de Oro and most of those who knew him described him as a deeply religious man who preached the word of God. But behind the scenes, he was known as ‘Juancho’, a criminal mastermind who orchestrated the shipment of narcotics to Central America and the United States, ordered assassination attempts against rivals and even former collaborators and trafficked firearms and ammunition.

Rubén Darío Viloria Barrios

It is reported that law enforcement authorities found it difficult to arrest the suspect because he lived lowkey and they hardly had any information about him in a form of evidence to nail him.

However, the widow, after mourning her husband, started infiltrating Juancho’s social circles, slowly getting close to him and eventually getting him to fall in love with her, reports say.

“Viloria Barrios eventually grew to trust the woman so much that he shared information about his criminal dealings, which she then turned over to the authorities. Police had been suspecting him since 2020, but without enough evidence to convict him, they were powerless to act. With the information provided by Juancho’s confidant, authorities were able to build a rock-solid case against him.

“It was reportedly the woman who set up Rubén Darío Viloria Barrios to be arrested. She told police that he would be attending a meeting with other criminals in Monteria, and the Special Operations Group of the National Police managed to capture him in what was called the Corona operation,” odditycentral.com reports.

It is reported that the suspect was already on the raider of Interpol, so his arrest means he risks spending many years in prison if convicted.



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