We will resist EC’s C.I. if it excludes guarantor system – Mahama Ayariga

Member of Parliament’s Constitutional, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee, Mahama Ayariga, says the Minority will vehemently oppose the Electoral Commission’s (EC) new constitutional instrument if it excludes the guarantor system.

According to him, the EC Chairperson, Madam Jean Mensa, has woefully failed to justify her outfit’s move to abort the guarantor system when registering for a voters’ card.

The EC has been trying to lay before parliament a new constitutional instrument that will make the Ghana Card the only identification material for registering for a voters’ card.

According to the EC, this system will prevent non-nationals and minors from getting onto the voters’ roll.

However, the Minority insist the abandonment of the guarantor system will disenfranchise millions of Ghanaians who are yet to be issued a Ghana Card.

Speaking on PM Express, Mahama Ayariga noted that while it is not clear whether or not the EC can be stopped from laying its C.I before the house, he insists that the EC must include the guarantor system if it wants the C.I. passed smoothly.

“I’m not sure whether constitutionally, nobody can stop the EC from laying a C.I. because for a C.I. to become a business of the house, there are processes involved in getting it to become the business of the house. And there are mechanisms for challenging a C.I.

“We will do everything within our power if she brings the C.I. that says that the only mechanism by which a citizen will prove his citizenship in order for the EC to do its constitutional duty to have the person registered to vote is if you bring a Ghana Card, we will resist that,” he said.

He described the new C.I. as “unconstitutional, it doesn’t make logical sense, because there are other laws that make provision for mechanisms for proving citizenship and we expect the EC to continue to operate under all these laws.”

SourceCornerlis Kweku Affre

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