Watch how inhabitants of a house in Bortianor enter and exit using 2 ladders (video)

Ghanaians cannot believe that there is a house in none other than the Greater Accra Region where inhabitants have to resort to the use of wooden ladders to enter or go out.

Video footage of the house located in New Bortianor in the Ngleshie Amanfro Constituency of the Greater Accra Region has surfaced on social media and left most people dumbfounded.

The footage which was shared on Twitter by one user, identified as @i_am_joojo, with the caption, “This be so bad herh”, shows the difficulty that compelled the inhabitants of the house to improvise by using two wooden ladders.

According to the narrator in the video, a road in front of the house was washed away, leaving a wide and deep gully that looks like a deliberately dug-out storm drainage system.

It appears that the inhabitants have been living in that situation for a long time but it is unclear exactly how long.

The footage shows one ladder placed in front of the house to enable them to descend into the gully and walk through it before ascending another one on the other side if they want to exit the house to town. The reverse is how they return to the house.

The footage has sparked numerous reactions, with many people, including the narrator wondering what would happen if there was an emergency such as a pregnant woman or a sick child having to be rushed to the hospital, especially at night.

The narrator and others present at the time of shooting the footage could be heard lamenting the risky nature of the situation and calling on the relevant authorities to quickly come to the aid of the inhabitants of the house.

The gully poses a long-term danger to the house in question and others in the area if the situation is not addressed promptly with a long-lasting solution.



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