Voting for NPP or NDC is like jumping from frying pan to fire – Kofi Koranteng

Independent Presidential aspirant Kofi Koranteng says Ghanaians will be making a grave mistake by making a choice between the governing NPP and the opposition NDC in the 2024 election.

According to him, former President John Mahama was a non-performer, hence cannot be the way forward if the electorate were to vote the NPP out of power.

“If in voting the NPP government out of power we do not find a functional person, we are only creating a vacuum to be occupied by the likes of Mahama and the NDC.

“John Mahama was a non-performer. He was an abysmal performer at best who did not know what he was doing,” he said.

According to Kofi Koranteng, neither the NPP nor the NDC can save Ghana, as their intentions and actions are the same.

He observed the difference between NDC’s John Mahama and Bawumia or whoever the NPP elects as flagbearer will amount to signing ‘a death warrant’.

“Their track record shows that they are not an option for Ghana. If you leave the frying pan to jump into the fire, you fry still,” he stated.

He further explains that former President Mahama and his policies will only lead the people backwards if elected to power.

“From legalising Okada to selling poultry, is that the future you are leading Ghanaians into? When Dubai has installed air-conditioning systems outdoors and in the streets?” he quizzed.

Kofi Koranteng is an entrepreneur who first declared his intention to join the Presidential race in December 2019.

Source: Afia Ako

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