Truck owner shares insights into train collision incident

In a comprehensive explanation of the events leading to the collision involving the newly imported train, the owner of the truck involved in the accident has provided clarity on the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The incident, which has raised significant concerns, occurred when the truck became lodged on the railway tracks.

The owner, who was present at his block factory during the incident, clarified that his driver had initially passed under a railway bridge to deliver the blocks.

However, upon the return journey, the truck, now lighter and consequently higher off the ground, encountered difficulty passing under the bridge again.

In search of an alternative route, the driver attempted to cross the railway tracks but unfortunately became stuck.

“I was at the block factory when my driver came to me that he was finding it difficult to pass through under the bridge. He went earlier to go and offload the blocks and when he was coming back, he was not able to use the under bridge this time, so he had to return. Because he had offloaded the truck, it gained some height so he was not able to use the under bridge this time,” the owner explained in a video shared by Ghone TV.

Opting for an alternative route, the driver attempted to traverse the railway tracks, resulting in the truck getting stuck. He then went to find a car jack to aid in quickly moving the vehicle. However, upon his return, he learned that the train had collided with the truck.

Following the accident, both the owner and the driver reported to the police station, where the driver was taken into custody.

The owner emphasized the importance of improved infrastructure, urging railway authorities to consider the area’s development and the frequent movement of large vehicles.

Meanwhile, the Circuit Court in Juapong sentenced the truck driver, Abel Dzidotor, to six months imprisonment with hard labour for causing unlawful damage to public property, among two other charges.

Dzidotor pleaded guilty to three of the charges brought against him.

Source: William Narh

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