Threats of terrorism in Northern Ghana only aggravate issues if not dealt with decisively – Festus Aboagye

A Conflict and Security Analyst has urged government to deal with the issues of the Bawku conflict decisively, so as not to aggravate threats of terrorism in the northern parts of Ghana.

Addressing the current conflict at Bawku, Colonel (Rtd) Festus B. Aboagye explained that the actions of the security personnel in the area were worrying and could pave way for some inhabitants of Bawku to seek alliance from terrorist groups across the borders.

Speaking on Newsfile Saturday, he said, “Granted that we have terrorism echoing off our Northern borders, that is the very reason why we have to be very balanced in the use of force.

He explained that “any one person that you kill, can be a catalyst for the group that a person belongs to, to seek alliances from across the border, and therefore if you like, complicate the situation we have on hand.

“So let’s deal with the threat of terrorism…let’s deepen our intelligence capacities or capabilities,” he said.

He, therefore, proposed that the conflict at Bawku, as well as efforts being made by the country to find an ultimate resolution to the clash, be isolated from counter-terrorism approaches.

The security analyst also bemoaned the severity of the conflict in question, hinting that he had been reliably informed that huge guns were being used in the Bawku conflict.

“That is a very serious sense of escalation,” he said.

“Why do we allow this conflict, late last year to get to where it is? That is one day or one week, we lose ten lives if not more. And we begin to see more Kalashnikovs or AK-47s?”

SourceDoreen Abena Kyerewaa Akata

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