Teachers renew calls to scrap double track system

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) wants the Ghana Education Service (GES) to create a module to put an end to the double-track system.

The system was implemented in response to the increased number of students admitted following the implementation of the Free Senior High School program.

Teachers, on the other hand, have expressed concern that the breaks provided are insufficient.

Speaking on Citi News, Thomas Musah, GNAT General Secretary said following the release of the 2023 academic calendar, the government must return to the traditional academic calendar.

“The teachers are working around the clock 24/7. If we do not return to the old system, a lot of teachers will be depressed. Some will start having some chronic illnesses that the country cannot be able to handle.”

“Teachers who are to train the future leaders will start falling sick. Attendance will be affected, teachers can’t deliver, and will mean that quality assurance among all won’t be guaranteed. Output levels will be affected. Particularly, with the double-track system, it’s terrible. Teachers are teaching from January to December”, he lamented.

The Ghana Education Service (GES), has released the 2023 academic calendar for all government schools.

The GES in a statement on February 8, 2023, directed all regional directors in the country to ensure that heads of schools for Basic and Second Cycle Schools in their respective regions comply accordingly.

“Regional Directors are by this letter directed to ensure that Heads of Schools for Basic and Second Cycle Schools in their respective regions take note of the provisions in the attached calendar and comply accordingly to facilitate a smooth running of the academic year,” the statement read.

For double-track students in form 3 who resumed school on January 10, 2023, the GES noted that they will go on break between April 6 -16, 2023, and return on April 17, 2023.

The students will then go on another break between June 2-8, 2023. They will resume on June 9 and stay in schools up to September 15, 2023, to end the academic year for the first term.


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