Tanzania bans boarding for nursery & primary schools

The Tanzanian government has banned boarding at nursery and lower years at primary schools, saying their aim is to give children the opportunity to bond with their families – understanding the traditions, cultures and values of the country.

Education Commissioner Lyabwene Mtahabwa says boarding services for children up to the age of 10 will end next month, and they will remain as day scholars until they reach the next grade – known in Tanzania as standard five.

She did however say exceptions can be made for pupils whose parents or guardians obtain a special permit exempting them from the change in rules.

Ms Mtahabwa says any school found to be violating the directives will face disciplinary measures, including striking pupils from their books.

Boarding schools are very popular in Tanzania and are offered both privately and by the state. Most of the boarding schools affected by this measure will be private, as not many state-run primary schools accept boarders.

Source: BBC

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