Tamale: Tipper truck runs over 7-year-old boy at Jisonayili

Residents of Jisonayili, a suburb of Tamale, are in grief over the untimely death of a 7-year-old boy on Friday morning.

The boy, identified by an eyewitness as Abdul, met his untimely demise while waiting for his father in the bucket of his Motor King tricycle in front of Jiso Plaza to continue their journey to work.

However, a Benz tipping truck loaded with sea sand, suspected to be coming from Kumbungu and heading towards town, ran over the boy, leading to his untimely death.

An eyewitness told Citi News that the tipper truck in question lost control after a Mazda saloon car crossed its path, causing the truck driver to run over the little boy, smashing out his organs.

“The saloon car, in an attempt to prevent an accident, hit the tricycle the boy was seated in, leading to him falling off the car. Then came the tipper truck, which ran over his head. The boy just gave up at the spot because the tipper was loaded with sea sand. It’s really a sad day,” an eyewitness, who gave his name only as Ezekiel, recounted the incident to Citi News.

Meanwhile, a fourth vehicle, a tricycle commonly known as yellow-yellow in Tamale and Pragyia in other parts of the country, in an attempt to avoid a head-on collision with the Mazda saloon, fell into a nearby gutter, causing damages to the tricycle.

The deceased has since been taken to the hospital, with both the tipper truck and the Mazda saloon car taken to the police station upon arrival.

Source: Shawana Yussif

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