Stray bullet kills teenager as police clash with civilians at Dambai

Kwaku Sey, 19, a resident of Dambai Lakeside, was allegedly shot dead on Sunday, May 5, following clashes between Police and angry youth at Dambai Town Hall, capital of Eastern Krachi, Oti region.

Francis Gesaloge Boyesah Okoro, a resident of the community, claimed that the Police, who were on night patrol, went to the area to arrest some “ghetto” youths, “who were smoking hard drugs at the time.”

He said the young man resisted arrest, which degenerated into chaos with warning shots, as a result of which Sey was hit by a stray bullet and later died in hospital.

Dambai Lakeside Assemblyman, Emmanuel Atali, who confirmed the altercation between the Police and the youth, said he heard a gunshot on Sunday around 8:pm and found the deceased lying in a pool of blood.

He said he went to officially report to the Police station and then the body was taken to Worawora Hospital for preservation.

This sparked fear in the community as residents and pedestrians alike ran for cover.

Two motorcycles belonging to the police officers were destroyed on the spot by some of the angry youths.

Police have arrested two people to assist in investigations.

Meanwhile, Police from the Divisional and Regional Commands remained silent on the incident when the Ghana News Agency visited the station to verify the reports.

Source: GNA

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