Stop condemning your fellow human beings in the name of Christianity – Kaywa

Ghanaian music producer and CEO of the Highly Spiritual Record Label, Kaywa, has called on fellow Christians to refrain from passing judgment on others, emphasizing the importance of following Jesus Christ’s commandment to love one another.

In an interview with Amelley Djosu on Joy Prime’s Celeb Showbiz, Kaywa, who is also an ordained minister, stressed that condemnation should not be the approach of Christians. He pointed out that judging others seems to be a sinful act and is not in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Kaywa underlined that rather than condemning people, Christians should spread the message of God’s love, similar to how Jesus Christ did. He encouraged believers to focus on telling others, “Jesus loves you,” rather than passing judgment.

He further explained that it is the Holy Spirit, not human judgment, that can bring about transformation in unbelievers. Kaywa noted that Christians should concentrate on sharing love and winning souls for God, as changing individuals is the work of the Holy Spirit, not humans.

He also expressed his belief that despite the high number of professed Christians in Ghana, many of them have not made a significant impact on society.

Kaywa urged Christians to measure their impact by the number of souls they have won for God, rather than merely counting the years they have been followers of Christ. He stressed the importance of living the message of God’s love and embracing a non-judgmental approach towards others.


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