Stonebwoy’s wife is my bestie; they share martial issues with me – Ayisha Modi

Ghanaian socialite Ayisha Modi has recently addressed the rumors surrounding her relationship with Stonebwoy and Dr. Louisa.

Contrary to speculation that the musician had distanced himself from her, Ayisha Modi revealed that their bond remains strong. Although she no longer spends as much time with him, their relationship remains intact.

Ayisha Modi further expressed that her association with Stonebwoy’s wife, Dr. Louisa, is akin to that of sisters-in-law due to their close connection with Stonebwoy.

In a phone interview with her goddaughter, Ayisha Modi shed light on the dynamics between herself, Stonebwoy, and the dancehall artiste.

She clarified that there was never anything untoward between her and Stonebwoy, and the rumors circulating had become excessive.

Moreover, Ayisha Modi emphasized that Dr. Louisa has never displayed any signs of jealousy and has always been supportive of their closeness. She described Stonebwoy as a brother figure, while considering his wife as a best friend. Ayisha Modi’s relationship with Dr. Louisa is even stronger than her connection with Stonebwoy.

“Stonebwoy is a brother, whiles his wife is like a best friend. That is how my relationship with them was. Nothing really happened between Stonebwoy and I.

The things people were saying were getting too much. His wife has never been the jealous type because I’m very close to Lousia. We are even closer than how I relate to Stonebwoy.”

Setting the record straight, Ayisha Modi aims to dispel the speculations and affirm the harmonious nature of her relationships with both Stonebwoy and Dr. Louisa.



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