Sam George accuses Attorney General of hindering passage of anti-LGBTQ+ Bill

The Member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram, Sam Nartey George has asked the Attorney General, Mr. Godfed Dame to stop obstructing the process of getting the anti-LGBTQ+ Bill passed and allow the committee to proceed with their work and should come to the floor if he has any reservations.

He mentioned in an interview with Johnnie Hughes on 3FM Sunrise Morning Show that the Bill is still at the committee level.

“Respectfully I will say the Attorney General is filibustering with the Bill. I will say the Attorney General is a clog in the wheel of parliament and he must take notice that we are taking keen notice of it and we will flex our muscle as parliamentarians very soon with him,” he said.

Sam George stressed that the Attorney General was in the country when parliament called for memos but he didn’t present any though his staff have been with the committee from day one. However, after bringing his memo late, the AG has not availed himself for a discussion with the committee.

“After we finished with the work of all the 176 memos we had and the committee has done the clause by clause consideration, it is now the Attorney General saying he has a memo to bring” he said

Sam George also indicated the committee is hoping the AG will be available on Tuesday 21 February 2023 for them to deliberate on his memo which he believes will take about 30 minutes since the issues he’s raised in the memo has already been considered at the clause by clause discussions.

“We are looking to see if Tuesday he will be available. We will address his memo because his memo is something that we will dispatch in just 30 minutes because the substance of his memo has already been dealt with at the Clause by Clause Consideration, so that we can go to the floor. He is the Attorney General so he will be given the opportunity to come and debate on the floor” he emphasised

Source: By Samuel Afriyie Owusu

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