Restaurant owner jailed 2 years for selling chips fried with oil from transformer

A restaurant owner has been convicted and sentenced to two years imprisonment for frying chips with oil extracted from a transformer and selling them to the public for consumption.

The convict, a Kenyan man, Elijah Mwangi Muthoga, who runs an eatery, was given the option of paying a fine to avoid going to prison.

The Kenya Power Company said in a statement that Muthoga was arrested with 11 litres of transformer oil which he got from another man identified as Zachary Mwangi Gitau.

It came to light that he destroyed a transformer in his community before extracting the oil from it, which Muthoga used to fry the chip and sold to his customers.

Meanwhile, Zachary Mwangi Gitau has been slapped with a 10-year jail term for his offence.

“The oil was used to cook chips at his hotel as well as repackaged for sale as popcorn cooking oil,” Nairobinews quotes Kenya Power Company as saying in a statement.

It is not clear if the unwholesome food has caused any health conditions for patrons of Muthoga’s restaurant.

“Vandalism of transformers is one of the leading causes of power outages. In addition to undermining the quality and reliability of the electricity supply, transformer vandalism poses a risk of electrocution and exposes the company to financial losses in lost sales and the cost of replacing the transformers,” the company lamented.

The illegal activities have compelled the Kenya Power Company to increase surveillance of the network through partnerships with other security agencies to protect its assets.


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