PURC issues stern warning against bush fires near electricity poles in Volta Region

In response to a concerning rise in bush fires dangerously close to electricity poles in the Volta Region, the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) has issued a stern warning to individuals responsible for these incidents.

Particularly affected are residents in communities such as Tanyigbe Etoe, Adaklu, and Agortime, Mafi Kumasi in Central Tongu where the devastating consequences of these fires have been keenly felt.

Philip Agbezudor, the Volta Regional Manager for PURC, has sounded the alarm on the escalating issue, highlighting the severe damage caused to both property and the region’s electricity infrastructure.

“The recent surge in bush fires near our electricity poles is not just a matter of inconvenience; it poses a significant threat to the safety of residents and the stability of our electricity supply,” stated Agbezudor in an interview with Joy News.

The Volta Region, known for its scenic landscapes and lush vegetation, is particularly susceptible to bush fires during dry seasons. However, the intentional setting of fires near electricity poles has become a growing concern for authorities.

Agbezudor emphasized that the proximity of these fires to the electricity infrastructure not only endangers lives but also leads to costly damages and disruptions to power supply, affecting communities’ daily lives and businesses.

“We have witnessed a series of avoidable incidents resulting from these fires, ranging from power outages to damaged equipment. This reckless behaviour cannot be tolerated,” Agbezudor continued, visibly concerned about the safety of residents.

The PURC, in collaboration with the Electricity Company of Ghana, local authorities, and community leaders, is implementing measures to raise awareness about the dangers of bush fires near electricity poles.

Educational campaigns, community meetings, radio discussions, and the distribution of informational materials are among the strategies being employed to curb the alarming trend.
“We urge all residents, particularly those in Tanyigbe Etoe, Adaklu, Agortime, the three Tongu districts, and surrounding areas, to exercise extreme caution and report any suspicious activities near electricity poles,” Agbezudor advised.

Furthermore, the PURC has warned that individuals found guilty of causing bush fires near electricity infrastructure will face strict penalties, including legal action and potential fines.

“We are taking this matter very seriously, and those found responsible will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law,” Agbezudor affirmed.

In light of these developments, residents are urged to remain vigilant, report any instances of bush fires near electricity poles promptly, and cooperate with authorities to ensure the safety and well-being of all.

The PURC remains committed to working closely with communities to mitigate the risks posed by bush fires and safeguard the region’s electricity supply for the benefit of all residents.

As the dry season persists, the commission emphasizes the importance of collective responsibility in preventing further incidents and ensuring the safety and prosperity of the Volta Region.

Source: Ivy Setordjie  

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