Promoters failing to support the music Industry- Stonebwoy’s manager

Chief Stylz, Stonebwoy’s manager, has emphasized that inadequate support from industry players and promoters is hindering the growth of the Ghana music industry.

He expressed concern about negative comments from stakeholders, including artists and social media users, which adversely impact the industry’s image

“It’s about time we have to control these things. I have seen a number of people making tweets out there and saying things. They are negating what our artistes are pushing, I don’t know whether its for engagement or whatever they’re getting from it. Listen, there are people out there watching and reading all these and they refer all these to us”, he said.

“The other day, I was listening to our uncles saying that no Ghanaian artist will be able to fill the O2 arena without them. Oh really, tell us what kind of connection have they done to help these artistes right from the days of Hiplife. What happened to that generation?”he added.

He underscored the need to end comparisons and highlighted Ghana’s capacity to create quality music, saying, “Why are we comparing? We can work it out. Ghana has always been there when it comes to the products we have. The excuse we keep having is ‘do quality music’ What are you telling me? Go listen to 5th Dimension and see, go listen to other artists. Are they not up to standard?”

Chief Stylz called for comprehensive support from all industry stakeholders, including promoters and the media, emphasizing that the responsibility isn’t solely on the artists. He pointed out the vibrant promotion of Nigerian music by local promoters and urged for a similar approach in Ghana.

“The promoters are not helping, simply put. Everybody has a role to play in there, the media, the audience everybody has a role to play not just the artiste. We are our own problem, these guys found a way and there are guys with money behind the scenes pushing the craft.”

By: Afia Owusu/

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