Premature! Uninformed! Misguided! Ignorance-laden! – Fmr. Cpt. Tonzua fires back at GAF over rank

A former Captain of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), Jamal Tonzua, has lashed out at the Department of Public Relations for a press release issued on Thursday, May 4 to question his rank in the media.

“The statement falsely and misguidedly alleges that I have used my military rank in my civilian life.

“Under the circumstances, I am compelled to issue this public statement to deny the uninformed, misguided and ignorance-laden allegation of the Ghana Armed Forces that I have used my military rank in media appearances.

“I have not on any occasion, whether public or private, addressed myself or caused myself to be introduced as Captain Jamal Tonzua.”

The press release referred to above cautioned the legal practitioner over the use of the rank ‘Captain Retired’ or ‘Ex-Captain’ in civilian life.

Signed by Naval Captain MA Larbi, the Director of Public Relations of the Ghana Armed Forces, the press release adduced that the years of service by Mr Tonzua does not qualify him to use that title.

This seems to have saddened the legal advisor to the erstwhile Operation Vanguard.

“I note regrettably that the statement also puts in the public domain private information about my period of service.

“That is a flagrant illegality and must not be repeated!”

Mr Tonzua, however, reiterated his commitment to “enhancing the democratic control, accountability and integrity of the Ghana Armed Forces”.

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Source: Emmanuel Kwame Amoh

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