Police officer dies in pursuit of traffic offender

In a tragic incident, an unidentified police officer lost his life in a motor accident while in pursuit of a traffic offender at Kentinkrono in the Ashanti Region.

The accident occurred late afternoon on Wednesday, April 17, resulting in the officer’s untimely death.

The officer, riding a police patrol motorbike, collided with a stationary truck, leading to fatal injuries that claimed his life instantly.

Despite efforts to save him, the severity of the crash proved fatal.

However, the suspect, who was also riding a motorbike and being pursued by the officer, managed to survive the accident.

The circumstances surrounding the incident, including the reason for the pursuit and the identity of the traffic offender, remain under investigation by the authorities.

According to an eyewitness named Mr. Eshun, the police officer involved in the pursuit of the traffic offender failed to notice the stationary truck until it was too late, leading to the tragic accident.

“They were both speeding and run into the articulated truck parked on the road,” he said.

The body of the deceased police officer has been taken to the morgue, while the suspect is currently receiving medical treatment at a hospital.

Source: Nana Yaw Gyimah  

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