Police invite 8 NDC executives for wearing military camouflage during Mahama’s campaign

About eight Ashanti Regional executives of the opposition National Democratic Congress have been invited by the region’s police command for questioning after they were spotted wearing military camouflage during former President Mahama’s campaign tour of the region.

It is reported that the NDC executives followed Mahama during campaign activities last week while wearing what is referred to as the party’s “Green Army”.

However, it appears the police in the region found it inappropriate, hence the invitation to the concerned executives on Monday, March 27, 2023.

First Vice Chairman of the party, Captain retired Kwame Jabari confirmed the invitation in an interview with Kumasi-based Abusua FM, describing it as needless.

Police invite 8 NDC executives for wearing military camouflage during Mahama’s campaign

“The camouflage was bought at Kumasi Kejetia Market which bears no military symbol of the Ghana Armed Forces to warrant this needless invitation. The camouflage is available on the market NPP people including their antinational Organizer and Youth Organizer Nana Boakye have all been wearing the camouflage so why us,” starrfm.com.gh quotes Jabari as saying.

He added that the Ashanti Regional NDC sees the invitation by the police as intimidation by some faceless people.

By our principle, we will decide whether the invitation is intimidation tactics or not. If we deem it as intimidation, we will not honour it if it is not, we must honour it.

“We have dozens of pictures of NPP National and regional executives including their supposed disbanded vigilante group who wear the military camouflage for their party activities so why didn’t the police invite them but us? So, we see this police invitation as selective justice being pushed by a group of faceless people.”

Jabari accused the governing New Patriotic Party of being alarmed by how he is reorganizing the NDC in the Ashanti region and resorting to clandestine means to distort the efforts.


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