Parliament establish committee to conduct inquiry into National Cathedral project

An ad-hoc committee has been put up by parliament to probe the National Cathedral project and all inquiries in connection with the project.

Some members of Parliament from the minority including North Tongu lawmaker, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa have filed a private member’s motion demanding to conduct an inquiry into the stalled project despite the injection of about $58 million into the facility.

Hon. Andrew Amoako Asiamah, second deputy speaker stated, “This motion is a very very important one and I pray that this house will approve this motion under order 919. Order 919 provides that the house at any time by motion appoint a special or Adhoc committee to investigate any matter of public importance.

“The National Cathedral project of Ghana is essentially the most expensive in the history of Ghana. Already as we speak, this project has ballooned from 100 million to $400 million and it’s still a moving target, it is still rising.

So far, about $58 million has been spent on the project and what we see has become a subject of considerable controversy. We only see a hole and we are not too sure really if it is $58 million that has gone into the project. We know that the project has been abandoned since March last year.”

“As we speak the cost continues to go up, there are liabilities, there are interests and suspension claims which on its own runs into about $52 million by my check,”

The National Cathedral has generated much conversation and controversy, the project has been stalled for a period due to the high cost being incurred



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