Oseikrom Sikanii on surviving car robbery attempts, being shot

Ghanaian musician Oseikrom Sikanii, known for flaunting his wealth on social media, recounted his experiences with armed robbers on Onua FM’s Adwuma Adwuma with Felicia Osei.

Oseirm Sikanii said the first attack happened after he visited a friend. He noted that he was sitting in his parked car outside, warming his engine when he heard a tapping sound on his window. Standing beside the car was a masked gunman ordering him to come out while clocking his gun. Instead of obeying that order, Oseikrom Sikanii said he accelerated and sped off with bullets flying into the back of his car.

Speaking about his encounters with thieves, Oseikrom Sika said he doesn’t believe he was an isolated case. He mentioned that the area is noted for such incidents, adding that he is not involved in a gang to merit gang-motivated attacks on his person.

“They are a group of people doing those things. The police reported that they arrested about 20 of them. They have robbed and killed many people because they will shoot you down if you don’t give them what they want.”

Oseikrm Sikanii said that breaking barriers in the music industry is challenging because people don’t take him seriously. He stated a prevailing perception that he is just a rich guy having fun with music, admitting that was how his music ambitions started, but he is very knee about his craft.

He promises his fan an album very soon and urges everyone to stay tuned.

Source: By Grace Somuah-Annan

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