NPP scheming to snatch Assin North seat to support passage of LGBTQ – Asafo Agyei

A former Deputy Communication Officer for the opposition NDC in the Ashanti Region, Kwaku Asafo Agyei has urged his party leadership to work hard and secure the Assin North seat during the by-elections slated for later this month.

Speaking on Inside Politics on Power FM, Asafo Agyei alleged that the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) is plotting to to use all means, including brutes to snatch the seat from the NDC so they can have the majority in Parliament to vote against the LGBTQ bill.

“The NPP is being sponsored by friends of the LGBTQ community to win the Assin North seat so they can get the numbers in Parliament to support lesbianism and gayism in the country,” Asafo Agyei told host Mugabe Maase.

He said the NPP government is bent on legalizing LGBTQ in the country despite the opposition from the christian community and the minority in Parliament.

“Akufo-Addo wants to legalize LGBTQ because he has nothing to lose. He is not going to contest any presidential election so he wants to ensure it is legalized,” he said in Akan.

According to him, the NPP is against the bill laid in Parliament to criminalise lesbianism and want a clear majority in Parliament to vote against the bill so LGBTQ is legalized.

“When they win the Assin North seat, they (the NPP) will have the right numbers to be able to kick against the bill,” he added.

Currently both the NDC and the NPP both have 137 MPs in Parliament. If the NPP wins the Assin North seat, it will get the strength to vote for the passage of any bill that they support.

The Assin North By-election is occasioned by an order of the Supreme Court recently for Parliament to expunge the name of James Gyakye Quayson from its records as a Member of Parliament.

The apex court cited in it’s ruling that James Gyakye Quayson who was elected in 2020 on the ticket of the  NDC was not a Ghanaian at the time he was elected.

The Court on, Wednesday, 17 May 2023, declared as unconstitutional the election of Mr Gyakye Quayson as MP for Assin North saying he held dual citizenship as at the time he filed to contest the 2020 elections

Quayson and his lawyers had argued that he renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2019 to contest the election but the certificate delayed.

However, during the election, his certificate had arrived already and therefore did not owe allegiance to Canada.

It is for this reason that the NDC has cleared him to contest in the upcoming elections on June 27,2023.


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