No GNAT staff was involved in ‘School Placement for Sale’ scandal – Thomas Musah tells Kwasi Kwarteng

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) is challenging the Education Ministry and GES to publish the report on investigation into the ‘School Placement for Sale’ saga to help put matters to rest.

This follows the disclosure by the Public Relations Officer of the Education Ministry, Kwasi Kwarteng, that janitors and security personnel who were captured as middlemen in the investigative documentary by The Fourth Estate, are not employees of the Education Ministry, but that of the GNAT Hostel.

He made this revelation while contributing to discussions on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show on Monday, February 20.

But reacting to the claim, the General Secretary of GNAT, Thomas Musah, said the allegation by Mr Kwarteng that a staff of the Association was identified as one of the brains behind the unfortunate happening, is inaccurate.

GNAT insists that no staff of the Association was involved in the scandal.

“No GNAT staff was involved. Let Kwasi Kwarteng come and tell us, let him come and tell us,” he stressed in an audio aired on Joy FM’s Midday news on Wednesday.

According to him, the Education Ministry must reprimand Kwasi Kwarteng for peddling falsehood.

“We demand that the Minister together with the DG must reprimand him, he must be rebuked. It is becoming the hallmark of Kwasi Kwarteng,” he said.

“And this one, we want to tell the Ghana Education Service that should they keep quiet on this particular one, we as an organization will give them a response,” he added.

It would be recalled that in January, a Fourth Estate‘s investigative piece uncovered some rot in the placement into senior high schools.

The investigation discovered that instead of the resolution centre serving as a spot to correct certain anomalies, it was turned into a marketplace where officials linked to the placement executed their trade through a network of intermediaries, mostly security guards and cleaners.

Even though only two individuals – the Education Minister and the Director-General of the Ghana Education Service (GES) – were the ones given access and passwords to approve protocol placement into Category A senior high schools, it has not stopped people from defrauding parents

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