Nilda Foundation partners Nabrok Foundation to undertake health screening in Asuogyaman communities

Empowering the health and well-being of Asuogyaman communities, the Nilda Foundation, renowned for its expertise in Sickle Cell and Stroke care, took the lead in organizing a two-phased comprehensive health screening event.

The Nilda Foundation collaborated seamlessly with Nabrok Foundation, a local partner, exemplifying their unwavering commitment to the welfare of the community.

With a shared mission to address pressing health issues, the efforts of the two organizations became a beacon of hope for the people of Asuogyaman and the surrounding areas.

With the first phase held in the Boso community and environs, followed by the second phase in Atimpoku, this initiative is aimed at promoting health awareness and early detection of illnesses, ensuring a healthier future for the region.

Dr Nilda Ashitey, the Executive Director of the Nilda Foundation, estimated the donation value at $40,000 for the event, reflecting the foundation’s unwavering commitment to supporting the people of Asuogyaman.

The foundations’ drive to make a positive impact through this health screening was palpable, and its leadership in organizing such an impactful event was widely acknowledged.

The first phase of the health screening, was held at the Boso Health Centre on July 24th, while the second phase took place on July 26th 2023 at Atimpoku, all in the Asuogyaman constituency of the Eastern Region.

Attendees received a range of essential medical services, including general screenings, ENT check-ups, eye examinations, and vision assessments.

The foundations’ ensured that other crucial health-related services were made available, taking a holistic approach to individual well-being.

The donated medical supplies will be distributed to health facilities across the constituency to ensure the impact of the initiative is felt far and wide.

The health screening event was inclusive and open to all ages, symbolizing the foundations’ dedication to reaching every corner of the communities they targeted. Beneficiaries expressed immense gratitude for the organizations’ efforts in bringing better health to their lives.

The Executive Director of Nabrok Foundation, Nana Abrokwa Asare, a parliamentary aspirant of the governing New Patriotic Party in the Asuogyaman constituency, said his passion and commitment to humanitarian initiatives led to the formation of the Nabrok Foundation which is focused on
positive transformation in the Asuogyaman constituency.

Source: Carlos Calony

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