NIA cannot be blamed for not having your Ghana card – Prof Attafuah

The Executive Secretary of the National Identification Authority (NIA), Professor Kenneth Agyemang Attafuah, says his outfit cannot be blamed for non-issuance of Ghana Card to some Ghanaians.

He has stated that the Authority is committed to serving the people and has done so well to get the majority of the people registered unto the Ghana Identity register as well as issuing them the Ghana card.

Hundreds of people thronged to the premises of NIA to register and receive their Ghana Card to enable them re-register their mobile SIM cards.

Tempers flared up as new applicants struggled in long queues to get the Ghana Card by the close of day to meet the deadline by the telecommunication companies.

Prof. Ken Attafuah, reacting to the peak of the masses that thronged NIA office to register or receive their Ghana Card as a result of the deadline by telcos, underscored the need for Ghanaians to expunge laid-back attitude.

“Broad majority of Ghanaians who are thronging our offices today cannot rightfully blame us because we did not fail to make our services available to them.

“When they had registered, some of them elected not to go for their cards and we still have over 651,000 cards with NIA because the owners had not gone for them,” he reiterated.

Prof. Ken Attafuah was positive that most of these people are living strong yet their cards are resting at the regional and district offices of NIA.

He was livid why some people have fibbed to have lost their Ghana cards even though they have refused to go for them at the villages and towns they registered.

He expounded that NIA has so far registered over 17.4 million Ghanaians unto the Ghana Identity register whilst establishing 276 district offices which are coterminous with regional offices to undertake continuous registration.

The NIA boss was quick to add that about 4,000 registrants have had their cards withheld for providing fake information during the registration period and are being investigated.

He, however, entreated the public to cooperate with NIA by visiting their various offices across the country to register or receive their Ghana cards.

Source: MG Digital

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