Nana Ama McBrown and I were praying partners during her search for fruit of the womb – Ohemaa Mercy

Gospel musician Ohemaa Mercy has revealed that she and actress Nana Ama McBrown when were praying partners during her days of seeking the fruit of the womb.

Speaking on Onua FM, the gospel singer disclosed that she has a long-standing relationship with the actress and they both connected through praying together.

“I think that about 5 years ago, we met and she started to pray with me. Personally, it is a prayer I believe in and nothing else,” she stated.

“I believe with prayer, for even something that has taken long to come, God can make it happen. For things that you have tried but are not working, when you go before God yourself and communicate with him, God can make it work,”

Ohemaa Mercy mentioned that she asked Nana Ama McBrown to commit her situation into the hands of God and the faithful lord will shine his light through her, God being so good Baby Maxin entered the picture.

“So I told my sister ‘For this thing unless we involve prayer before it’ll work’. So in all the hospital processes, she’ll call and we will pray together after which I give her some directions. This went on for some time and by the grace of God, baby Maxin was born”. Due to this, the actress was present at the Tehilah concert when she was expectant to thank God for His goodness.



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