Man refuses to return money after employer mistakenly pays him 367 times more than his salary

A man who unexpectedly became rich after his employer mistakenly paid 367 times more than his salary into his bank account refused to return the money, ostensibly for fear of returning to poverty.

Reports say the unidentified man, a native of Somogy County in Hungary, had a brief job for a company in Kaposvár. He was expected to receive 92,549 forints ($260) for his short employment with the company, but his employer mistakenly wired him 367 times that amount.

The error occurred because the individual had submitted an Austrian bank account, necessitating the payment of the wage in euros. But rather than converting the forints to euros, the company instead sent him 92,549 euros.

Later, when the anomaly was detected, the company contacted its former employee and asked for a return of the unearned payment but he claimed he no longer had access to the Austrian bank account into which the money had been paid.

The company then filed a police complaint and investigations revealed that the individual had taken about 15,500 euros out of the money from his Austrian account using an ATM in southern Hungary and transferred it to another bank account.

Kaposvár District Prosecutor’s Office assisted the company to freeze the accused’s Austrian bank account and recovered almost 72,000 euros, with the hope of retrieving the rest of the money.

Meanwhile, the accused has been charged with appropriating property without permission and faces serious fines if found guilty.


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