Man angrily divorces all 3 wives the same day, gives reasons, vows never to marry again (video)

A 55-year-old polygamous man who got up one day and angrily divorced all his three wives has given reasons for the action and vowed never to marry again.

Identified only as Mutiacya, the elderly man who lives in Uganda recounted in an interview with Afrimax English that he was once wealthy and cared for his family very well until he lost his job and his source of income ceased.

He and his three wives had seven children and were living in harmony as they lacked nothing. But as his income wasn’t coming again, he said his three wives grew wings and didn’t want to respect him any longer. He recalled how the women flagrantly disrespected him and made him feel less of a man due to his situation.

Out of disappointment and frustration, Mutiacya decided to send all three women away on one day to live a solitary life.

As the women left, they went away with their seven children, so he chose to take solace in playing with other people’s children and spending money on them. According to him, sharing with others to put smiles on their faces despite the fact that he is not well-to-do makes him happy.

Mutiacya’s children have grown and some of them live abroad while others live in Uganda. He said they occasionally visit him and go back to their various places.

Asked if he would marry again, he said “never”, suggesting that he has had enough of the troubles associated with marriage.



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