Mahama vows to curtail lavishness among NDC appointees if elected

Former President, John Mahama stated that should the National Democratic Congress (NDC) regain power, his appointees would be guided by the principle of modesty.

He emphasized that luxurious vehicles, for example, would not be permitted in his government if he is given the nod.

Mr. Mahama is currently touring the Bono East Region as part of his ‘Building Ghana Tour.’

Speaking over the weekend, he stressed that his appointees must be prepared to be accountable.

“Anybody who came to serve in our government must not be arrogant, because you must be accountable to the people who elected you. We don’t want to see arrogant in our next NDC Government, the people are suffering so you must be modest.

Mr Mahama explained that truth and respect for public trust will be his administration’s hallmark.

“You must be truthful, and so when you are appointed as a minister, you’ve been given a public trust and so the people can ask you to account for what you’ve done and if you haven’t held that public trust well, you can be sanctioned.”

The NDC flagbearer says he has observed the loss of hope among the youth of the country.

Mr. Mahama says when voted into office, his government will restore the lost hope.

“…unfortunately, many young people look at their lives today and say I don’t believe in this democracy, I have no opportunities to improve myself and so I don’t even see the reason why, many young people don’t see the need in voting, but I beg you, Ghana has a bright future, don’t lose your hope in your country, we can turn things around, we will put Ghana on his fit and the only way we can do that is your vote,” he said.


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