Innovation allows for job creation and we should strive towards that – First Deputy Governor

First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana (BoG) Dr. Maxwell Opoku-Afari has said that innovation allows for job creation.

He urged all to strive towards that.

Speaking at the University of Ghana Congregation Ceremony for Bsc Administration Class of 2023, The College of Humanities on Tuesday, March 23,  he urged all to also dream and dream big.

“As a matter of fact, talking about linkages between academia and industry, my current employer, the Bank of Ghana has forged and continues to forge strong links with the University of Ghana Fraternity, and that relationship will continue to

“We have gathered here for one purpose only, and that is to send you off into the world to do exploits with the knowledge acquired. I can tell by the expectant looks on your faces that today is an important milestone in your journey to the future,” he said.

He further told the graduands that as usual some of  them may be apprehensive at the mention of the word ‘future’, with thoughts running wild about what exactly that future holds.

“I have walked this graduation path, and let me assure you that the future has something for everyone here. As with all such moments of transition, the uncertainty is palpable, but with the right choices and attitude, you can walk into the future you desire with optimism.

“Recent developments show that, academic training and the global economy, including that in Ghana, is undergoing a profound technological ‘revolution’. Among others, this
‘evolution’ is facilitating the on-going exchange of ideas, skills, and perspectives needed by the youth to drive the Ghanaian economy to the next level. It is no wonder that your
generation is now referred to as ‘Gen Z’, that is, Internet Zoomers.

“In other words, you are the torchbearers to the next level of the Ghana that we are all seeking to build. So as you walk out of here and join the workforce, you must gird your loins and prepare for the challenges ahead. The world out there is also changing and changing very fast, with technology driving everything, from banking, manufacturing, services, as well as the supportive social structures.

“The message here is that you need not be stuck in your educational ideology. You must seize the moment and exploit all the technological experiences around you and try as much
as possible to infuse that in your discipline to achieve your goals.”

“I therefore challenge you to go out there with passion to make a difference and impact your generation. In doing this, I want to encourage you to be guided by the principles of hard work, perseverance, and integrity. These should underpin your journey as you head out, and I will explain why.”

He also told them that their hard work has certainly paid off, but you must learn to be magnanimous in the celebration of that success.

“Do well to remember the shoulders that have carried you through this journey, including your parents, lecturers, family, and colleagues. So, while you rejoice in your achievement from the hard work today, count yourselves privileged and be grateful to those who contributed along the way, and say thank you.

“In working hard towards earning your degree, you must have also learnt a thing or two about perseverance. The world out there is harsh and the road to success would not always
be smooth; you all have different stories to tell on how you pulled through your university education with perseverance.

“Hard work and perseverance must remain your guide and hallmark as you move towards the next stage in life. Do not relax, always strive for greater heights, and know that as
graduates, there are more miles ahead of you on the “learning ladder”. Stretch yourself beyond this level, and with hard work and perseverance, you can make it well beyond your

“Let me share some personal experiences to buttress this point. Growing up, my parents instilled in me the need to work hard in every situation, despite the challenges along the way. This thinking greatly influenced my academic pursuits and work life. During my time as a student, I dreamt of working at the Central Bank. Though just a dream, I persevered and with God’s guidance, I got in. As ingrained in my mind, I worked diligently at the Bank, seeing every challenge as a learning opportunity and a stepping stone to the next level.”

Source:  Laud Nartey

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