Independence Day: 66 Ghanaian foods to try

It is that time of the year when the Ghanaian flag proudly flutters high up in the sky as the feeling of patriotism sweeps through the air.

Ghana is not only famous for its great leaders, but also for a cuisine that is deeply rooted in its culture and history.

Ghanaian food is built on a bed of wholesome grains and carbohydrates and elevated with more than a little heat, spice, and tropical ingredients. These hearty dishes not only taste great but are also loaded with nutrients and energy to supercharge you for plenty of exploring and discovery.

Ghana is 66 years, hence, let’s embrace the color, rawness, and passion of Ghanaian cooking and see this beautiful country through 66 of its must-try dishes.

Check the list below:

  1. Jollof rice
  2. Waakye
  3. Banku
  4. Fufu
  5. Ga kenkey
  6. Fante kenkey
  7. Cabbage Stew with Rice
  8. Abomu
  9. Red red (black-eyed peas stew)
  10. Kelewele (spicy fried plantains)
  11. Tuo Zaafi (TZ)
  12. Okro soup
  13. Groundnut soup
  14. Kontomire stew
  15. Aboboi (rice and beans)
  16. Yam and Palava sauce
  17. Light soup
  18. Peanut butter soup
  19. Goat stew
  20. Shito (spicy black pepper sauce)
  21. Grilled tilapia
  22. Eto (mashed yam and boiled eggs)
  23. Akple and Fetri detsi
  24. Boiled yam with garden egg stew
  25. Garden egg stew
  26. Fried yam
  27. Fante kenkey and fish
  28. Omo tuo (rice balls)
  29. Nkatie cake (peanut cake)
  30. Red red with fried plantains
  31. Koko and koose (porridge and bean cakes)
  32. Gari foto (gari with beans and vegetables)
  33. Banku with okro soup
  34. Ayibe biscuit
  35. Palm nut soup
  36. Cube toffee (Coconut toffee)
  37. Ampesi (Boiled cocoyam, plantain)
  38. Mpotor mpotor
  39. Aboboi with fried fish
  40. Waakye with shito
  41. Tea bread
  42. Brukina
  43. Wagashi
  44. Pinkaso
  45. Aburo ni nkateɛ (Mixed roasted corn and groundnuts)
  46. Epiti (Ripe plantain pudding)
  47. Nkate-be (Palm nut-peanut butter soup)
  48. Angwa mo
  49. Kokonte
  50. Rice saabo (Local Ghanaian-wrapped rice)
  51. Aburo saabo (Wrapped boiled corn with peanuts)
  52. Agbeli kaaklo (Cassava croquettes)
  53. Kuli-kuli
  54. Tubani (Beans pudding)
  55. Atadwe milk
  56. Kyikyinga (Suya)
  57. Dawadawa Jollof
  58. Gari soakings
  59. Yake yake
  60. Oblayo
  61. Boiled egg with hot pepper sauce
  62. Tatale
  63. Bofrot
  64. Fula
  65. Akyeke
  66. Kofi brokeman (Roasted ripe plantain)


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