I don’t think it’s a big deal – Stonebwoy speaks on Meek Mill’s ‘Jubliee House’ music video blowup

Ghanaian dancehall musician Stonebwoy shared his views on the Meek Mill ‘Jubilee House’ music video on New York’s Breakfast Club radio show. For Stonebowy, the blame should go to Jubilee House’s security, whom he believes should have done a better job educating Meek Mill.

December has been ‘decembering’ in Ghana with many African-American celebrities and diaspora’s visiting the motherland to connect with their roots.
During his visit to Ghana, Meek Mill paid a courtesy call at the Jubilee House, the presidential seat of Ghana, where he made a music video featuring his entourage.

This caused an uproar from many Ghanaians who believed such an act ridiculed state security and was disrespectful to the home of the first gentleman of the land.

For the first time, Stonebwoy went public with his opinion about the ‘Jubilee House’ music video in an interview with DJ Envy on the Breakfast Club radio show.

He said, “Truth be told, I can’t come to the State and go to the white house and do whatever I want to do, except there was a certain amount of leeway that will allow me to do stuff.

“I don’t think it’s a big deal, but the internet went crazy. And he did the best thing he had to do because, for me, I think this was the job of the security personnel and protocol to make sure that we don’t film over here, we don’t do this over here and we don’t do that.”

To buttress his point, Stonebwoy added that Meek Mill was just a happy tourist who was oblivious to the rules. Adding that the apology from Meek Mill shows that none of it was intentional.

“He’s excited and doesn’t know the laws, I believe. He only tried to get the best out of his trip. And coming out to apologies shows you his true intentions. He wasn’t in the know to go and throw dirt on such a place,” Stonebwoy concluded.

Source: By Grace Somuah-Annan

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